All Things Yumi!

Babies need two things -- Cute socks (ah hem, @Sockabu)... As well as, delicious, fresh and nutrient-dense food (@Yumi)!  (Arguably not in that order! lol)

Sockabu and Yumi teamed up to create YUMMY YUMI YOGURT DROPS -- A nice, cool snack for those hot, summer days!  It's a two-ingredient recipe, which makes it Sockabu's go-to snack of the summer!

Here's the video tutorial:

If you live in L.A., you've probably heard of Yumi at this point!  But trust us, this farm-to-highchair baby food delivery service is bound to take over the baby food world!  (and you heard it here first - well, maybe!!)

I interviewed Yumi's Brand Director, Markie Price about what makes Yumi special and how your entire family (not just the babes!) can enjoy Yumi purees.


Don't forget -- You are receiving a 15% off discount on your first month with Yumi! Just remember to use the code SOCKABU15 at checkout!

yumi and sockabu discount

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