Sockabu sensory friendly kids toeless socks

No more annoying seams on your socks

Do you want to know the number one reason most kids hate wearing socks?  The uncomfortable toe seams!  It’s true.  And we “TOE-tally” understand!  ;)  Sockabu socks are knit on flatbed knitting machines.  While that may not mean much to the average consumer, you need to know why this is important to you!  Because of the way we manufacture our socks, we are able to achieve a 100% seamless kids sock.  Not only that, but we are also able to create our patented “flip” design, which allows kids to cover or uncover their toes - making them the best toeless socks for kids!  Socks don’t have to be uncomfortable anymore -- they can be breathable, seamless, and you can wear them how you want to.  They even make the perfect flip flop socks!   

Sensory-friendly socks for kids

You’ve heard of tagless clothing before, right? That’s an example of sensory-friendly clothing. Seamless socks are an example of sensory-friendly socks!  Sockabu socks check all of the boxes when it comes to being the most sensory-friendly socks on the market. Our pediatrician-approved socks are seamless, and also have a no-heel construction, which means you can adjust them perfectly to your individual foot every time. Our patented, open-toe socks are the only ones that can cover your toes for warmth, or uncover them for the best breathable sock. Another fun fact? Sockabu socks are made with a supreme cotton blend to achieve a soft and stretchy feel. Finally, we hand-finish our socks to make sure every detail is just right before we ship them off to you.  You can wear them with shoes, sandals or even flip flops! These truly are the best socks for kids with sensory issues!

Sockabu sensory friendly kids toeless socks

Are you ready for crazy sock day?

We know how much kids love crazy sock day at school! We do too! Well, no need to stress. Sockabu has you covered...and uncovered! Kids will have so much fun showing off the magic of our patented “flip” design. Start your day with your toes covered, and by lunch time, uncover your toes! This is the perfect day to wear your slides or sandals to school! Oh, and please tag @sockabu and post those pics! We would love to check out how your kiddos strut their socks!  The whole family will enjoy these fun socks for kids!

Got slippery floors? No problem!

Slippery wood and tiled floors can be downright dangerous when you are wearing traditional socks. But Sockabu’s open-toe feature allows you to still wear a comfy and cozy sock, while having your toes uncovered for the best-ever traction. It’s the best of both worlds!  Of course, we know some daredevils love slipping around for fun in kids fuzzy socks. Well, we hate to say it, but these wouldn’t be the socks for them!!  Since Sockabu socks are the best gripper socks on the planet, they’re probably going to want to wear their white tube socks for that Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” slide through the living room moment!