Sockabu newborn socks goldies

After-Bath Booties  

And the gold medal goes to...Sockabu’s Goldies!  Bright and bold, yellow and gold!  Sockabu infant socks are the ultimate baby socks - especially after bathtime!  Our socks are pediatrician-approved.  They allow your newborn’s toes to completely dry after bathtime, while still in the comfort and coziness of high quality baby socks.

Sockabu newborn socks peachy keen

Simply the Best...Newborn Socks 

Soft, high quality socks that are perfectly designed to fit newborn babies, without being too tight or too loose.  Sockabu’s Peachy Keen socks are the cutest, little socks on the market.  These are perfect for parents who want to keep a close eye on every detail of their new baby - right down to their itty-bitty toes.

Sockabu newborn flip socks blue

Free your Toes - While Wearing Socks

There’s nothing cuter than baby toes - so don’t keep them covered in socks all day!  Instead, slip a pair of Sockabu’s Pacific Blues onto your newborn and experience a new way to wear socks.  Our patented socks are the only ones that can cover or uncover your baby’s toes -- Making it easier than ever to kiss your sweetpea’s little piggies! 

Sockabu newborn flip socks pink

This Little Piggy...Loves Sockabu Socks

Sockabu’s Pink Piggies are one of our best-sellers!  Playing ‘This Little Piggy’ has never been cuter, while wearing our toeless baby socks.   We cannot wait for you to feel how soft and high quality Sockabu socks are!  They are made on a 3-D knitting machine, and hand-finished to perfection.  Each sock is made with love - so no wonder parents and pediatricians alike are calling these the “perfect socks for newborns!”

Sockabu newborn flip socks skater babies grey blue

Socks Made with Love

All of our socks have west coast vibes - and Sockabu’s Skater Babies are no different!  The gray sock features a bright red flip, which seamlessly flips to cover and uncover your infant’s toes.  Sockabu socks are made from the highest-quality Supreme cotton blend.  No more kicking off annoying socks -- Now, your littles will love wearing Sockabu’s. 

Sockabu newborn flip sock grey

Hand-Finished to Perfection

We love bright and bold colors - but Sockabu’s Wave Riders are also one of our most popular pairs.  Hmmmm...Perhaps that’s because they pretty much look great with any outfit!  It’s always nice to have this modern spin on a white sock as part of your Sockabu collection.  Our products are all truly seamless socks and they are designed without a heel.   The “no heel” construction allows you to adjust your baby’s socks to fit them perfectly without those annoying heel bulges. 

Our socks sell-out fast, but no worries!  We are always getting new color combinations and styles!  To shop our entire collection for baby girl socks and baby boy socks, please click here.