Cool NEW Sock for Kids! | Introducing Sockabu

Hello friends and family!

I wanted to send you an update on a new project I have been working on that is revolutionary for little ones (and their cute toes)!

As a mom, slippery socks have always stressed me out.  I had to fix this asap.  I wondered if there was a way to make toddler socks more kid-friendly and fun, with the very best traction for tots learning to crawl, walk and run!

Here is where Sockabu comes in….

As I am starting to launch the brand, I would love your support, help, feedback… I am happy to send you a sample or provide you with more details.

Below please find the link to the website and images for reference.

Thank you!

Abbie Boudreau 



PRESS KIT (Includes extra photos and more about Sockabu creator, Abbie Boudreau): LINK to Google Drive:

no slip toddler socks

best socks for kids




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