It's one thing to love cool socks, but longtime TV journalist and mother-of-two, Abbie Boudreau took her obsession with socks to a whole new level with Sockabu.

On her quest to make socks more sensory-friendly and fun, she created a 2-in-1 "flip" sock that is revolutionizing the way kids wear socks!

Abbie Boudreau | Sockabu | Socks for kids

What makes it unique?  

Sockabu socks are made on high-tech, knitting machines and hand-finished to perfection to achieve TRULY seamless socks. 

Let's face it.  Kids cannot stand annoying toe seams.  By eliminating ALL OF THE SEAMS, children can finally enjoy wearing socks, without struggling to get their socks to "fit just right."

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Sockabu's patented "flip" design allows kids to cover their toes for coziness and warmth, or uncover them for breathability and the very best NATURAL TRACTION.  The extra traction is ideal for little ones who are learning to walk

Sockabu socks also have extra sole grippers on the bottom of the socks.  But it's really the natural stickiness of kids' toes that provide the very best traction, especially on slippery floors.