Sockabu sensory friendly toddler toeless socks

Socks that toddlers actually love to wear

Yes! You heard us right! We know that socks can be such a pain for toddlers.  But that’s because traditional socks are uncomfortable - they are constraining, hot, too tight (or too loose) and those annoying toe seams drive them crazy!  Sockabu socks for toddlers address all of those issues. Our socks are totally seamless. Our no-heel construction allows your toddlers to achieve the perfect fit every time. And our patented “flip” design is the only sock that gives them the option to completely uncover their toes if that’s what they prefer. We choose only the highest quality cotton and our seamless socks are handcrafted to perfection. Turn your sock haters into Sockabu lovers!

Cover or uncover your toes 

While many little ones don’t love being told what to do, they tend to love choosing between two options. Sockabu socks are designed to give your toddler choices. Do they want to cover their toes or choose to uncover them?  It may sound like a small decision to us, but toddlers love getting to make up their own mind based on how they feel at the time. These are the best socks for kids on the market - both fun and functional. Turn your sock struggle into the best part of their morning routine!

Sockabu sensory friendly toddler toeless socks

Be bold with your colorful socks 

There’s a reason Sockabu socks are so colorful! Many researchers say color therapy is a real thing. We think so too! That’s why we choose specific colors to evoke certain feelings of happiness, confidence, independence, and so much more. Most of us choose what paint colors we want in our homes -- Interior designers suggest that cooler colors like blue, purple or darker blue-greens are ideal for tranquil and calming spaces. So why not try the same technique with your socks too? To learn more about what the colors of your Sockabu socks mean, check out our product descriptions here.

Why doctors are loving Sockabu socks

Sockabu socks are pediatrician-approved socks. Dr. Daphne Hirsh calls our socks the “safer socks” for toddlers on the go! Because of our patented, open-toe feature, toddlers can spread their toes and grip the ground they are walking on, while still in the comfort of a sock. That extra toe traction (plus the sole grippers we add to the bottom of the socks) result in fewer slips and falls as your little one learns to walk. Socks don’t have to be slippery  - Sockabu socks are perfect for toddlers learning to walk. Shop our entire toddler collection here.

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