How Sockabu Socks are Helping Kids with Sensory Sensitivities

When I first came up with the idea for Sockabu socks, I had one goal in mind -- I wanted to create the ultimate fun sock for kids! Colorful, fun, high quality, seamless and of course, Sockabu fun socks for kids would have the best-ever traction -- using the natural traction from a toddler's very own toes! And while ALL OF THIS is awesome - and kids are loving their Sockabu fun socks for kids for play time - there was one major (and super exciting) benefit we were not anticipating.

I've been hearing from parents who have children with sensory processing issues about how the sensory socks/socks for sensory issue are serving as the best socks for kids with sensory issues. They told me that the soft and seamless aspect of the sock is ideal for their little ones, who are more than just a little annoyed by abrasive and uncomfortable seams.

They also told me that the open-toe option was a great alternative for their children to have - on those days where socks are mandatory, but they may not want anything touching their toes. I am certainly no medical expert, so here's a link if you want to learn more about sensory processing disorder and how our sensory socks is the best sensory socks for kids.

Dr. David Soomekh is a foot and ankle specialist and surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. He is one of the doctors who cares for the ballerinas at the L.A. Ballet, which of course, I think is beyond cool!!!! Dr. Soomekh and I sat down for a chat to discuss all things Sockabu and kids sensory socks. I told him about some of the reaction I was getting from the sensory community, and he was not at all surprised. Here's what he had to say...

Clip one: Meet Dr. David Soomekh and why he loves Sockabu socks!

Clip two:  Why Sockabu's NO SEAM Feature will Benefit Children with Sensory Issues...

Clip three: Why Sockabu's OPEN-TOE Feature Can Help with Sensory Processing Issues...


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