Meet Laila! Our Sockabu Super Star

It's not everyday you hear about a 10-year-old, aspiring actress decide to cut off her hair.  Well, that's exactly what Laila Criscione did.  Oh, and she did it to help people she doesn't even know.  That's how cool she is. :)

sockabu super star

We are honored to have Laila as our Sockabu Super Star.  We hope her leadership and sweet spirit will inspire other young people to DREAM BIG and HELP OTHERS.

sockabu super star

Here's the video of Laila getting her hair cut so she could later donate it.

Get to know our Sockabu Super Star!  Laila is 10 years old and loves playing outside and making slime -- She's just like YOU!!!  :)

She has three younger siblings, and she will be entering into fifth grade in the Fall.

Laila was sweet enough to answer our questions during her busy, summer break!  Thank you, Laila!


Q & A with Laila Criscione

SOCKABU:  How did you first come up with the idea to donate your hair?

LAILA:  In class, we were talking about nice things to do for people and donating hair was one of the things that came up! I realized then that I wanted to donate my hair because they need it and I don’t because mine will grow back.

SOCKABU:  What did your family and friends say when you first told them about your idea?

LAILA:  My mom was happy and supportive, everyone was super proud of me for wanting to do it!

SOCKABU:  What was the most recent act of kindness you witnessed?  And how did it make you feel?

LAILA:  When my uncle took his time after work this summer on my visit to teach me how to ride a bike. I was super happy because I didn’t know how to ride a bike and I was grateful that he took his time to teach me. It made me feel special!

SOCKABU:  So, back to the big haircut!  What was going through your mind right before she cut your hair?

LAILA:  I was kind of scared, but at the same time I knew it was for a good cause so I still wanted to do it.

SOCKABU:  How did you feel when it was over?

LAILA:  I felt really happy! I was excited knowing that my hair was going to go to someone who needed it!

SOCKABU:  How do you hope your act of kindness will help someone else?

LAILA:  I hope it will make their day and make them happy!

SOCKABU:  What do you want to be when you are older?

LAILA:  I want to be an actress.

SOCKABU:  What advice do you have for other people who hope to make a positive difference but don’t know where to start?

LAILA:  Do nice things for others and always be nice to other people. Try your best to make the difference you want to see in yourself.