Sockabu sensory friendly baby flip socks

Fun and Functional Baby Socks

Babies love playing with their toes, so why are we always covering them with traditional socks?  (And we wonder why they’re always trying to tear them off!)  Sockabu socks offer the best of both worlds.  When your baby’s toes are covered, Sockabu socks provide warmth and comfort, much like regular socks.  But when you flip your Sockabus to uncover their toes, babies will love playing with their new favorite toy - their toes!  Instead of being frustrated with their baby socks -- they will have fun with Sockabu’s functional spin on socks.

Sockabu sensory friendly baby flip socks

Learning to socks!

When your baby begins learning to walk, it can be downright terrifying!  Slips and falls are a normal occurrence - but it doesn’t have to be that way.  These pediatrician-approved socks offer a safer alternative to traditional, slippery socks.  Not only do Sockabu socks have extra sole grippers on the heel, but Sockabus are the only socks that have an open-toe option.  That means, you can flip your baby’s socks to completely uncover their toes while taking their first steps, without so many slips and falls.  Sockabu’s patented “flip” function gives your little ones the very best grip during playtime, using the natural traction from their sticky, little toes.

Colorful socks by design

Researchers say color therapy is a real thing.  Sockabu socks are designed with that in mind.  Unlike most companies that shy away from bold colors, Sockabu embraces them.  Just like you choose certain paint colors to evoke feelings of peace and calmness in your home, you can choose various colors of clothing to promote different emotions as well.  So why not try vibrant colors for your baby’s socks?  For more on how to choose your Sockabu socks based on color, check out our website and read the descriptions for each pair.

Better than barefoot

Pediatricians can explain to you what exactly is healthy oral motor development.  And while we’re not doctors, we too can tell you that it’s important to allow babies to explore their bodies - especially their toes!  Instead of covering your baby’s toes with traditional socks, uncover them with Sockabu socks.  This patented feature allows babies to play with their toes and stretch to touch their toes.  Even playing “This Little Piggy” is a great game for your baby’s oral, motor development.  Sockabu socks allow babies to spread their toes, and to really grip the ground they are walking on, which supports their balance and agility, while still wearing cozy socks.  

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