Sockabu newborn sensory friendly flip socks. Great for bath time

Looking for an adorable and innovative baby shower gift? Sockabu infant and newborn socks are the ultimate newborn socks - especially after bathtime! They are pediatrician-approved socks that allow the baby’s toes to completely dry, while still in the comfort and coziness of high quality baby socks. This prevents skin peeling and cracking of the newborn’s delicate skin between his or her toes. Then, once completely dry, simply flip the top of the sock to cover the toes, for the best newborn sock. It truly is a smart sock!

The new essential infant and newborn sock

Bringing home your newborn is a nerve-racking experience. You want everything to be just right - from the carseat and diapers, to bottles and baby blankets. We are sure your baby has all of his or her essentials - but what about newborn baby socks?  Perhaps you purchased a 10-pack of white bootie socks? That’s what we tend to do, right?  If you didn’t already figure this out - those socks will be kicked off in a matter of hours, if not sooner! Sockabu infant socks are actually designed to  fit newborn babies, without being too tight or too loose. They are also the only socks on the planet that can cover and uncover your baby’s toes.  That is perfect for parents who want to keep a close eye on every detail - down to their new baby’s perfect little piggies!

Sockabu newborn sensory friendly flip socks

A patented sock for infants and newborns

Sockabu socks are patented socks that allow parents to cover their baby’s toes for warmth and comfort, or uncover them with a single flip for breathability. They are both fun and functional. It’s important for parents to be able to check on their baby’s toes - and also to cool them down when they get too sticky!  Socks are not the easiest item to put on your infant, but using the open-toe function, they slide right on with ease. Then simply cover their toes for cozy time. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than baby toes, so why not show them off!

Hand-crafted to perfection

Sockabu socks are made from the highest-quality Supreme cotton blend. They are knit on a 3-D knitting machine, and hand-finished to perfection. Each infant sock is handled with care and the kind of attention to detail we no longer see in mass retail. Our products are all truly seamless socks and they are designed without a heel. The “no heel” construction allows you to adjust your baby’s socks to fit them perfectly without those annoying heel bulges. No wonder parents and pediatricians alike are calling these the “perfect socks for newborns!”

Our socks sell-out fast, but no worries! We are always getting new color combinations and styles! To shop our entire collection for baby girl socks and baby boy socks, please click here.