Sockabu big kids flippable toeless socks

Get a GRIP!  

Sockabu socks are designed to free your toes! They are the only socks on the planet that can cover or uncover your toes using our patented “flip” technology. We know that wearing cozy socks feels good - but you know what feels even better? Wearing a cozy sock, and then freeing your toes when they need to breathe. Unless you have tried Sockabu socks, it’s nearly impossible to explain how good your feet will feel wearing them. Our grip socks are also compression socks for kids. The added compression gives a little added arch support and feels so good! Our big kids size is OSFM (fitting up to an adult mens size 12 US).

Newest sock technology gaining traction 

Socks are sooooo not boring!! We love all of the creative and colorful socks on the market. Sockabus are not only cool kids socks, but they’re innovative and functional. Using our patented “flip” design, we have created a truly unique sock for kids.  It’s the newest sock sensation for kids and it’s totally sensory-friendly too! That’s because Sockabu socks are the only ones that can cover your toes for warmth, or uncover them for traction and breathability. Kids are loving this new way of wearing socks, and we are not at all surprised.  Sockabus are comfortable and breathable. And they’re fun to wear! Trust us, your toes will thank you!

Sockabu big kids flippable toeless socks

Now there’s PROOF!  Science backs crazy socks (and the people who wear them)

We have scientific proof that people who wear cool socks are more brilliant, creative and successful. In fact, a new study reveals people who wear wacky socks are more confident, unique and nonconforming. Apparently, people who strut their socks exude confidence. This study examined the effects of wearing colorful and comical socks -- maybe next time, they can also study fun and functional socks too!  We’re pretty sure Sockabu would have blown away the competition with our patented “flip” design!! So, show off your spunky Sockabu socks and embrace your brilliance! 

Better than barefoot

For people who hate wearing socks, Sockabu is your sock solution.  Obviously, you cannot be barefoot all of the time. We think Sockabu socks are the next best thing to being barefoot. Our socks are the only ones that allow you to keep your foot mostly covered, while your toes can be uncovered with a single “flip.” It feels amazing to have your foot warm and cozy in a soft and high quality sock - but to have your toes uncovered so they can be free to breathe and wiggle. There are absolutely zero seams - and it’s the only sock that will allow you to completely uncover your toes, making them the ideal socks for kids with sensory issues. Bottomline...If your kids hate wearing socks, then Sockabu is your answer!