Bright Colors Are Coming Back! | Fashion Trends Spring 2018 | Sockabu: Bold and Bright

Bright colors are making a comeback in Spring 2018!  (Check out the latest fashion trends here!)  I am so happy about this because while I LOVE muted colors for my home, I don't necessarily want my kids to match my throw pillows and area rugs!  As you know, for the longest time, white, black and every shade of grey were all the rage for our little ones...adorable graphic design, of course, but for me, I was dying for some bold, bright colors!  Finally, bright, happy colors are back and I can't wait to upgrade my son and daughter's wardrobe with poppy reds, bold blues and gorgeous greens!

When I think back to my own childhood, my big, red bucket was where I stored all of my toys.  It was filled with every possible color imaginable.  All of my favorite toys and dolls were stacked to the top, and every day I would pour out the big, red bucket to play.  I can still remember the bright orange nose on my monster puppet, and my purple doll dress, and my bright blue and red remote control race cars!  Not a single thing was white, black or grey.  Rather, there were countless colors, each one adding to the vibrancy of my endless ideas and imagination as a kid growing up.

A lot of people have asked me why I chose to go with bold, bright stripes for my first Sockabu design, when so many of the most popular children's brands are muted colors.  A lot of modern moms and friends of mine even encouraged me skip on the stripes and go with off-white and grey.  Trust me, I was tempted to jump on the 50-shades bandwagon.  But that's not what Sockabu is all about.  I want children to be excited by the fun colors and happy vibes they get from wearing their Sockabu socks!  

I truly believe bright colors bring happiness into our lives.  And we love making the world smile more, one Sockabu at a time!

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