Why Can't ADULTS Enjoy Sockabu Socks Too?

Well, NOW they can!  (FINALLY!!)

Sockabu started as a children's brand, for little ones requiring the very best gripper socks during play time, for less slips and falls.

Gripper Socks | Best Play Sock

We quickly expanded to babies and toddlers - providing a safer sock alternative during the tricky (and often slippery) early-walker stage.

EARLY WALKER SOCKS | Gripper socks

All of the while, we heard from adults who wanted Sockabu socks for themselves!  At first we thought they were kidding - but it turns out, they're not!

Here are some of the reasons ADULTS are wearing Sockabu socks!

1.  Pedicures

2.  Yoga (as well as other balance and meditation work)

3.  Sleeping and temperature control

4.  Best natural traction

5.  Unmatched breathability and comfort

6.  Best at-home sock for people who typically HATE socks.

7.  No annoying toe seams



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