Sockabu Super Star!

Meet Dillon Romano! 

Any chance I get, I try to engage in conversation and creative brainstorming with kids.  Their colorful imaginations have no barriers and their ideas are always surprising -- often sparking innovative thoughts I never saw coming!  

This is pretty much exactly what happened when I asked my niece and nephews to help me come up with ideas for my Sockabu character.  I already had my logo, but I was trying to think of a fun way to bring that logo to life!  We talked about the importance of color, movement, playfulness and the overall vibe -- kid-friendly and fun!  Right away, they had ideas they wanted to explore.  I gave them sketch pads and about 20 minutes later - MAGIC!    

Kids and Creativity

Dillon and Coco both had the idea of turning the sock into an actual character.  They gave him arms and legs and even a thought bubble so he could talk!  The character captured the fun and friendly feeling we were going for -- and the colorful mohawk was the icing on top!

I asked Dillon to refine his drawing a little bit, and then I sent it to a professional graphic designer.  Within days, the designer transformed Dillon's sketch into what is now our official Sockabu character!  (Though he/she still needs a name!!)   I made sure to ask the designer to keep all of the key characteristics from Dillon's sketch -- the eyes, the hair, the whimsical shape of the sock and toes!  


As a family business, I love how my niece and nephews helped create the Sockabu character.  It makes it that much more special to me.  And I know it means a lot to Dillon too!  (An 11-year-old entrepreneur in the making!)

Sockabu x Dillon Romano 

Sockabu | Dillon Romano

Sockabu:  How did you come up with your idea for the Sockabu character?

Dillon:  I came up with the Sockabu character by making the character look like it is a real living sock. Also, with all of the colors and designs I thought it would look cool.

Sockabu:  A sock that can talk?!!  What made you think of that?

Dillon:  The talking sock was an Idea that shows that the sock is your friend and  not a mean person. 

Sockabu:  This was your first attempt at graphic design, how did you like it?

Dillon:  It was fun to make up my own design for Sockabu. It was a fun experience.

Sockabu:  Are you pleased with how the final design turned out?

Dillon:  Yes. The final result looks tremendous. I loved how it turned out. 

Sockabu:  You are 11 years old, do you have any ideas about what you would like to be when you are older?

Dillon:  When I grow up I want to be a MLB baseball player. That is all I think about.

Question:  What is your advice to other kids who like to draw and create?

Dillon:  My advice is to always be creative and never stop. Drawing and creating is very fun.